2024 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Price in Australia, Mileage, Top-Speed, Features And Images

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Price in Australia is from $66,762 to $110,615.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Price in Australia With Variants

Variant Body Type Transmission Engine Power (kW) Torque (Nm) Price (AUD) Description
Cargo Panel Van 7G-Tronic Plus Auto 2.1L L4 Diesel 120 320 $66,762 Standard cargo van, ideal for various business needs
Cargo High Roof Panel Van 7G-Tronic Plus Auto 2.1L L4 Diesel 120 320 $70,022 Offers additional headroom and cargo space compared to standard van
Cargo Crew Cab 7G-Tronic Plus Auto 2.1L L4 Diesel 120 320 $76,272 Provides separate cargo and passenger compartments with seating for 3
Cargo High Roof Crew Cab 7G-Tronic Plus Auto 2.1L L4 Diesel 120 320 $79,532 Combines spacious cargo area with additional passenger headroom
People Mover 8 Seater 7G-Tronic Plus Auto 2.1L L4 Diesel 120 320 $77,642 Comfortable passenger van with seating for 8 and ample luggage space
People Mover 12 Seater 7G-Tronic Plus Auto 2.1L L4 Diesel 120 320 $81,902 Offers seating for up to 12 passengers, ideal for large groups or commercial transportation
Single Cab Chassis Standard Roof 7G-Tronic Plus Auto 2.1L L4 Diesel 120 320 $70,932 Versatile platform for custom builds and equipment mounting
Single Cab Chassis High Roof 7G-Tronic Plus Auto 2.1L L4 Diesel 120 320 $74,192 Offers additional headroom for specialized equipment or taller configurations

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Launch Date in Australia

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been available in Australia for many years, with the current generation model (known as the VN) launched in 2018.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Colors

Color Name Description
Arctic White Classic and clean, highly visible, popular choice for vans and commercial applications
Jupiter Red Bold and vibrant, makes a statement, attractive for marketing or branding purposes
Steel Blue Sophisticated and professional, blends well with urban environments, suitable for executive shuttles or high-end deliveries
Blue Grey Modern and sleek, neutral tone enhances a contemporary aesthetic, well-suited for various uses
Jet Black Timeless and stylish, provides a powerful presence, popular for corporate fleets or luxury passenger vans
Cavansite Blue Metallic Elegant and shimmering, metallic finish adds a touch of luxury, ideal for VIP transportation or special editions
Tenorite Grey Metallic Modern and understated, metallic finish blends well with urban landscapes, suitable for business or personal use
Selenite Grey Metallic Pearlescent metallic finish offers a subtle yet elegant look, versatile for various applications
Obsidian Black Metallic Deep and luxurious, metallic finish emphasizes a premium feel, suited for high-end models or private transportation
Iridium Silver Metallic Sleek and high-tech, metallic finish delivers a contemporary aesthetic, attractive for modern businesses or personal vans

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Price in Australia-Mercedes Benz Sprinter Price in Australia--Mercedes Benz Sprinter Price in Australia---Mercedes Benz Sprinter Price in Australia----

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Mileage

Fuel Type Variant Combined Cycle (L/100km) Urban Cycle (L/100km) Extra-Urban Cycle (L/100km)
2.1L 4-Cylinder Diesel All Variants 9.0 – 9.2 10.7 – 11.1 7.8 – 8.2
3.0L V6 Diesel (Optional) Cargo Variants 10.2 – 10.4 12.0 – 12.5 8.7 – 9.1

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Top-Speed

Variant Engine Estimated Top Speed (km/h) Notes
Cargo Van 2.1L L4 Diesel 160-170 Base engine option
Cargo Van 3.0L V6 Diesel (Optional) 175-185 Offers higher power but consumes more fuel
High Roof Panel Van 2.1L L4 Diesel 155-165 Slightly lower due to increased wind resistance
High Roof Panel Van 3.0L V6 Diesel (Optional) 170-180 Same as standard cargo van but may be affected by additional weight
Crew Cab 2.1L L4 Diesel 155-165 Passenger compartment and additional weight influence performance
Crew Cab 3.0L V6 Diesel (Optional) 165-175 Increased power partially counters the weight impact
People Mover (8 Seater) 2.1L L4 Diesel 150-160 Similar to crew cab due to passenger load and weight
People Mover (12 Seater) 2.1L L4 Diesel 145-155 Higher passenger capacity further reduces top speed

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Specs

Specification Details Notes
Engine Options 2.1L L4 Diesel, 3.0L V6 Diesel (optional) Base engine in most variants
Transmission 7G-Tronic Plus Automatic Standard across all variants
Power Output 120 kW (163 hp) – 140 kW (188 hp) Varies by engine and configuration
Torque 320 Nm – 440 Nm Varies by engine and configuration
Cargo Capacity (m³) 3.9 – 14.3 Depends on variant and wheelbase
Payload Capacity (kg) 1066 – 3500 Varies based on variant and configuration
Seating Capacity 1 – 12 Determined by chosen variant (Cargo, Crew Cab, People Mover)
Wheelbase Options Short, Medium, Long Affects overall length and cargo space
Standard Features Airbags, ABS, ESC, Hill Start Assist, Cruise Control, Infotainment System May vary slightly depending on trim level
Optional Features Panoramic sunroof, Rearview camera, Parking sensors, Navigation, Adaptive cruise control, Leather seats Wide range of options available for customization
Fuel Consumption (combined cycle, L/100km) 9.0 – 10.4 Varies by engine and configuration
Top Speed (estimated, km/h) 145 – 185 Limited by standard speed limiter to 150 km/h

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Engine

Engine Description Power (kW) Torque (Nm) Fuel Consumption (L/100km) Notes
2.1L L4 Diesel Standard engine for most variants 120 kW (163 hp) 320 Nm 9.0 – 9.2 (Combined) Reliable and fuel-efficient option
3.0L V6 Diesel (Optional) Available in selected cargo variants 140 kW (188 hp) 440 Nm 10.2 – 10.4 (Combined) Offers higher power and towing capacity, but consumes more fuel

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Transmission

Feature Description Notes
Type Torque converter automatic Standard across all variants
Gears 7 forward gears + 1 reverse gear Smooth and efficient shifting
Features Adaptive shift points, hill-start assist, cruise control compatibility Enhances driving comfort and safety
Maintenance Regular fluid changes and service recommended Consult owner’s manual for specific intervals

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Performance

Specification Details (2.1L L4 Diesel) Details (3.0L V6 Diesel) Notes
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 14.5 – 17.0 seconds 11.0 – 13.5 seconds Varies depending on variant and weight
Top Speed (estimated, km/h) 145 – 165 165 – 185 Limited by standard speed limiter to 150 km/h
Fuel Consumption (combined cycle, L/100km) 9.0 – 9.2 10.2 – 10.4 Varies by engine and configuration
Towing Capacity (braked) 2500 kg – 3500 kg 3000 kg – 3500 kg Depends on variant and engine choice
Payload Capacity (kg) 1066 – 3500 1483 – 3500 Varies based on variant and configuration
Handling & Ride Stable and predictable, comfortable even with cargo May be slightly less agile than the 2.1L due to increased weight
Braking Strong and confident brakes with ABS and ESC Larger brakes on V6 models for enhanced stopping power

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Dimensions and Weight

Specification Short Wheelbase Medium Wheelbase Long Wheelbase High Roof Notes
Length (mm) 5267 5932 6907 5932 (Standard Roof) Varies based on roof height and wheelbase
Width (mm) 1993 1993 1993 1993 Standard width across all variants
Height (mm) 2331 2331 2706 2721 (With Roof Rack) Can vary depending on roof options
Wheelbase (mm) 3249 3665 4325 Determines cargo space and overall maneuverability
**Cargo Space (m³) 3.9 – 5.9 7.3 – 9.4 11.5 – 14.3 Up to 17.1 with High Roof option Varies significantly based on variant and wheelbase
Payload Capacity (kg) 1066 – 1763 1483 – 2643 2050 – 3500 May be reduced depending on additional features or equipment
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 3000 – 3500 3000 – 5500 3000 – 5500 Limited by chassis and axle load ratings
Turning Circle (m) 12.1 – 12.4 12.5 – 13.0 13.3 – 13.8 May be slightly larger for vehicles with High Roof option

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Capacity

Variant Wheelbase Roof Height Cargo Space (m³) Notes
Cargo Van Short Standard 3.9 – 4.8 Base option, suitable for smaller cargo
Cargo Van Medium Standard 7.3 – 8.4 Offers more space than Short wheelbase
Cargo Van Long Standard 11.5 – 12.6 Ideal for large loads and bulky items
Cargo Van Medium High Roof 9.4 – 10.5 Increased headroom and additional storage
Cargo Van Long High Roof 14.3 – 15.4 Maximum cargo capacity for vans
High Roof Panel Van Short High Roof 5.9 – 7.0 Combines headroom with good cargo volume
High Roof Panel Van Medium High Roof 9.4 – 10.5 Offers additional space compared to standard cargo vans

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Mercedes Benz Sprinter Brakes And Suspension

Component Details Notes
– Type Disc brakes on all wheels Standard across all variants
– Features ABS, ESC, Hill-Start Assist Enhance safety and control
– Optional Larger brakes for V6 models Improved stopping power for heavier variants
– Type Front independent suspension, Rear leaf spring suspension Standard configuration
– Features Comfort tuned Balances ride comfort and handling
– Optional Rear air suspension Available on some variants, provides adjustable ride height and improved load handling
Additional Notes
– Brake performance may vary depending on factors like load, road conditions, and tire wear
– Choosing the right suspension options depends on your needs for ride comfort, load capacity, and specific applications

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Wheels And Tyres

Specification Details Notes
Wheel Sizes 16-inch, 17-inch Standard options depending on variant and trim level
Wheel Materials Steel, Alloy Steel wheels are standard, alloy wheels available as an option on some variants
Tyre Sizes 215/65 R16, 225/65 R17 Varies based on chosen wheel size and vehicle weight
Tyre Types All-season, Summer, Winter (optional) Choose the type most suitable for your typical driving conditions
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Standard feature Alerts you to low tyre pressure in each wheel
Spare Tyre Optional or included depending on variant and configuration Consider your intended use and potential risks when deciding if a spare is necessary

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Comfort And Convenience

Feature Description Standard/Optional Notes
Air Conditioning Front and rear air conditioning Standard Separate controls for driver and passenger compartments
Cruise Control Adaptive cruise control (optional) Standard Maintains set speed and adjusts automatically with traffic flow (optional)
Infotainment System MBUX infotainment system with touchscreen Standard Includes navigation, Bluetooth, and smartphone integration
Steering Wheel Controls Multifunction steering wheel Standard Controls audio, cruise control, and phone calls
Power Windows and Mirrors Electric windows and mirrors Standard Offers convenience and improved visibility
Heated Seats and Steering Wheel (optional) Front seat and steering wheel heating Optional Provides comfort in cold weather
Panoramic Sunroof (optional) Large sunroof for added light and ventilation Optional Enhances cabin ambiance but may affect fuel efficiency
Rearview Camera and Parking Sensors (optional) Assists with parking and maneuvering Optional Improves safety and convenience, especially for larger variants
Leather Seats (optional) Premium leather upholstery Optional Enhances interior luxury and comfort
Ambient Lighting (optional) Customizable interior lighting Optional Creates a personalized and welcoming atmosphere
Cargo Compartment Features (optional) Lighting, cargo tie-downs, floor mats Varies Enhance cargo organization and functionality

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Interior And Exterior Features

Feature Description Notes
Seating Configuration Varies depending on model (Cargo, Crew Cab, People Mover) Choose layout based on passenger or cargo needs
Cargo Space 3.9 – 17.1 m³ depending on wheelbase and roof height Consider your expected cargo volume requirements
Infotainment System MBUX system with touchscreen Standard across all variants
Steering Wheel Controls Multifunction controls for audio, cruise control, and phone calls Standard
Air Conditioning Front and rear climate control Standard
Power Windows and Mirrors Standard feature for added comfort and visibility

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Active And Passive Safety Features

Active Safety Features:

Feature Description Notes
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Prevents wheel lockup during braking, maintaining steering control Standard
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Helps prevent skidding and loss of control in challenging driving conditions Standard
Hill-Start Assist Prevents rolling back on inclines when starting from a standstill Standard
Adaptive Cruise Control (optional) Maintains set speed and adjusts automatically to traffic flow Optional
Active Brake Assist (optional) Warns of potential collisions and automatically brakes if necessary Optional
Lane Keep Assist (optional) Alerts and gently corrects if you drift out of your lane Optional
Blind Spot Assist (optional) Monitors blind spots and warns of approaching vehicles Optional
Parking Sensors and Rearview Camera (optional) Assists with parking and maneuvering, especially for larger variants Optional

Passive Safety Features:

Feature Description Notes
Airbags Driver, passenger, and side airbags for occupant protection in collisions Standard
Pre-Tensioner Seatbelts Tighten automatically in a crash to minimize occupant movement Standard
Headrests and Neck Restraints Help prevent whiplash injuries in rear-end collisions Standard
Reinforced Body Structure Designed to absorb impact and protect occupants in crashes Standard
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Alerts you to low tyre pressure in each wheel Standard
Emergency Call System (optional) Automatically contacts emergency services in case of an accident Optional

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Braking And Traction

Feature Description Benefits Notes
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Prevents wheel lockup during braking, maintaining steering control Safe stopping even on slippery surfaces Standard across all variants
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Helps prevent skidding and loss of control in challenging driving conditions Enhanced stability and accident avoidance Standard across all variants
Hill-Start Assist Prevents rolling back on inclines when starting from a standstill Smooth and safe uphill launches Standard across all variants
Brake Assist System (BAS) Detects emergency braking situations and increases brake pressure automatically Reduced stopping distance and improved reaction time Standard across all variants
Traction Control System (TCS) Prevents excessive wheel spin and loss of traction Improved grip on loose surfaces like gravel or snow Standard across all variants
Adaptive Brake (optional) Adjusts brake pressure for optimal performance based on load and driving conditions Enhanced braking capabilities for heavier loads Available on specific models
Active Brake Assist (optional) Warns of potential collisions and automatically brakes if necessary Prevents or minimizes collisions with vehicles or pedestrians Available on specific models
Cornering Traction Control (optional) Optimizes traction during cornering maneuvers Enhanced stability and handling on curves Available on specific models

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Locks And Security

Feature Description Benefits Notes
Central Locking System Locks and unlocks all doors with a single key or remote fob Convenience and improved security Standard across all variants
Deadlocks (optional) Heavy-duty locks providing additional protection for cargo doors Enhanced security against forced entry Available as aftermarket options or dealer installations
Alarm System (optional) Audible and visual alerts in case of attempted unauthorized entry Deters potential thieves and draws attention to the vehicle Available as aftermarket options or dealer installations
Immobilizer System Electronically prevents the engine from starting without the correct key Prevents unauthorized vehicle use Standard across all variants

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Instrumentation

Feature Description Notes
Analog Instrument Cluster Standard in most variants Includes speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, and coolant temperature gauge
Multifunction Display (MFD) Integrated into the instrument cluster Shows trip information, average fuel consumption, warnings, and driver assistance system alerts
High-resolution Color Display (optional) Replaces the MFD in some trim levels Offers larger screen, improved graphics, and additional information options
Head-Up Display (optional) Projects driving information onto the windshield Minimizes distraction by keeping eyes on the road
Steering Wheel Controls Buttons on the steering wheel allow access to various instrument functions Hands-free control of audio, cruise control, and information displays
Digital Radio (DAB+) Standard in most variants Provides clear and static-free radio reception
Navigation System (optional) Integrated into the MFD or color display Provides turn-by-turn navigation with traffic updates
Smartphone Integration Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are compatible with most systems Access phone calls, music, and navigation apps through the Sprinter’s infotainment system
Rearview Camera Display (optional) Integrated into the infotainment system screen Assists with reversing and parking, especially for larger variants

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Lighting

Feature Description Notes
Headlights LED headlights with daytime running lights Standard across all variants
Turn Signals Integrated into headlights and side mirrors Standard
Tail Lights LED tail lights with brake lights and fog lights Standard
Interior Lighting Dome lights, map lights, and courtesy lights Standard
Cargo Compartment Lighting (optional) Additional lights in the cargo area Improves visibility and access to cargo

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Infotainment

Feature Standard System Optional Upgrades Notes
Display 7-inch touchscreen 10.25-inch high-resolution touchscreen Larger screen offers improved visibility and functionality
Operating System MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) Latest MBUX system provides enhanced features and responsiveness
Audio System AM/FM radio with Bluetooth connectivity Premium sound system with additional speakers and subwoofer Improved audio quality for music and media enjoyment
Navigation System Available as an option Integrated navigation with real-time traffic updates Convenient route guidance and traffic avoidance
Smartphone Integration Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Access phone calls, music, and navigation apps through the Sprinter’s infotainment system Seamless integration with your smartphone for hands-free control
Voice Control Standard Enhanced voice control features for various functions Hands-free control of audio, navigation, and climate control
Digital Radio (DAB+) Standard Provides clear and static-free radio reception Enhanced radio listening experience
Internet Connectivity (optional) Wi-Fi hotspot or built-in SIM card Connect to the internet for music streaming, web browsing, and live traffic updates Stay connected and access online services on the go
Rear Seat Entertainment (optional) Available for passenger variants Screens and audio system for rear passengers Keep passengers entertained on long journeys

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Seats And Upholstery

Feature Standard Optional Notes
Front Seats:
– Driver and passenger seats: Adjustable, cloth upholstery Heated seats, leather upholstery, electric adjustments Comfort and luxury upgrades
– Lumbar Support: Standard Provides additional back support
– Armrests: Standard Enhances comfort and driving experience
Rear Seats (Passenger Variants):
– Bench seating: Fabric upholstery Individual seats, leather upholstery, folding seats Flexible seating configurations and comfort options
– Headrests and Seat Belts: Standard Safety features for all passengers
Cargo Compartment Seating (Crew Cab):
– Folding jump seats: Vinyl upholstery Additional seating capacity for crew cab models
Upholstery Materials:
– Cloth: Standard Leather Durability and affordability
– Leather: Luxury and comfort
– Colors: Black, Grey Beige, Brown Choose color to match your preferences and vehicle interior

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Competitors

Competitor Model(s) Key Strengths Potential Weaknesses Notes
Fiat Ducato Ducato – Competitive pricing – Wide range of body styles and configurations – Strong fuel efficiency – Lower brand prestige compared to Mercedes – Interior quality and comfort might not match – Limited availability of higher-end features Popular alternative with good value for money
Ford Transit Transit – Large cargo capacity and payload options – Established reputation for reliability and durability – Available in various diesel and electric drivetrains – Handling and performance may not be as refined as Sprinter – Fewer luxury and comfort features offered Good all-rounder option, popular with commercial fleets
Ford Ranger Double Cab Pick-up Ranger – Excellent off-road capability – Good payload and towing capacity – Versatile bed configuration for cargo or customization – Limited cargo space compared to vans – Not ideal for large or bulky items – Requires bed cover for weather protection Can be a contender depending on specific needs and preferences
GWM Ute Cannon – More affordable than most competitors – Growing reputation for quality and value – Decent cargo space and payload capacity – Newer brand, resale value might be lower – Interior and driving experience may not be as refined Budget-friendly option, gaining popularity
Holden Colorado Double Cab Pick-up Colorado – Well-established in the Australian market – Strong towing and off-road performance – Comfortable and practical cabin – Cargo space limited compared to vans – Less fuel efficient than some competitors Offers similar capabilities to Ranger, though brand preference might influence choice

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Accessories

Category Subcategory Description Notes
Exterior Accessories Roof Racks and Rails: Enhance cargo capacity for luggage, bikes, kayaks etc. Choose lightweight, aerodynamic options for fuel efficiency.
Tow Bars: Enable trailer towing for additional cargo or leisure equipment. Consider towing capacity and ensure proper trailer brake systems are installed.
Sidebars and Running Boards: Assist with entry and exit, offer additional protection. Choose sturdy materials like steel or aluminum for durability.
Mudflaps: Reduce mud and debris spray, protect paintwork. Choose mudflaps specific to your Sprinter model for optimal fit.
Wheel Covers and Hubcaps: Enhance aesthetic appeal, protect wheels from scratches. Choose durable materials and consider easy cleaning options.
Interior Accessories Cargo Organization: Floor mats, cargo nets, dividers, shelves. Maintain cargo space order, prevent shifting and damage.
Seat Covers and Floor Mats: Protect seats and floors from wear and tear, improve comfort and style. Choose materials like leather or neoprene for easy cleaning.
Tech and Entertainment: Phone mounts, navigation systems, auxiliary audio input upgrades. Enhance convenience and entertainment while driving.
Comfort and Convenience: Window tinting, sunshades, cup holders, steering wheel covers. Improve comfort and practicality for everyday use.
Safety and Security: Reversing Cameras and Parking Sensors: Assist with reversing and parking, especially for larger variants. Choose high-resolution cameras and reliable sensor systems.
Alarm Systems: Deter potential theft and draw attention to unauthorized access. Consider professional installation for optimal security.
Cargo Door Locks and Security Cages: Enhance security for valuable cargo, prevent theft attempts. Choose heavy-duty locks and cages for maximum protection.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Pros and Cons


Feature Benefits
Versatility: Available in numerous cargo configurations, passenger capacities, and wheelbases to suit diverse needs. Ideal for businesses, tradespeople, adventurers, and families.
Performance and Handling: Powerful engines, refined suspension, and advanced driver assistance systems offer a comfortable and confident driving experience. Safe and stable even when fully loaded.
Quality and Durability: Renowned Mercedes-Benz build quality ensures long-lasting reliability and high resale value. Minimizes downtime and maintenance costs.
Safety and Security: Comprehensive safety features and advanced security options provide peace of mind. Protects occupants and valuable cargo.
Comfort and Convenience: Well-equipped cabin with ergonomic features, optional luxury upgrades, and advanced infotainment systems. Enhances long journeys and daily use.
Brand Reputation and Prestige: Owning a Mercedes-Benz signifies quality, performance, and status. Enhances business image and personal satisfaction.


Feature Drawbacks
Price: Significantly higher initial cost compared to many competitors. Might not be the most budget-friendly option for everyone.
Operating Costs: Fuel consumption can be higher than smaller vans, depending on engine and driving conditions. Higher running costs, especially for businesses with high mileage.
Size and Maneuverability: Larger variants can be challenging to maneuver in tight spaces or city driving. May require adaptation for parking and navigating narrow streets.
Maintenance Costs: Potential for higher repair and maintenance costs due to premium parts and complex systems. Choose extended warranties or service plans for added peace of mind.
Availability and Delivery: Demand might lead to longer waiting times for specific models and configurations. Plan ahead and consider alternative options if immediate delivery is critical.
Cargo Capacity: While versatile, some competitors offer slightly larger cargo spaces in specific configurations. Evaluate your specific needs for cargo volume and choose the variant accordingly.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Reviews and Ratings

Source Rating Description
CarExpert 8.2/10 “A $120,000, 12-seater Mercedes-Benz bus? Not many will need to ask the question, but the new Sprinter Transfer has plenty of answers. It’s a luxurious people mover with limousine-like refinement, but also a seriously capable cargo carrier with barn doors on the back.”
Drive 8.1/10 “The new Sprinter might have grown up and become more luxurious, but it hasn’t forgotten its roots as a hard-working van. It’s still every bit as practical and capable as ever, while also introducing a whole new level of refinement to the segment.”
CarsGuide 4.5/5 stars “The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van remains the benchmark in its segment, offering class-leading safety, technology and comfort in a versatile package. With a wide range of options and configurations, there’s a Sprinter to suit almost every need.”
Wheels 8/10 “The Sprinter sets the benchmark for large vans in Australia, offering a unique blend of practicality, performance, and even luxury. While there are cheaper alternatives, the Sprinter feels like a Mercedes should: well-built, powerful, and comfortable.”
WhatCar? 4/5 stars “The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter remains the benchmark for large vans, offering a wide range of options, impressive safety features, and a well-built interior. However, its high price tag and fuel consumption might put some buyers off.”

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